Our Home

Alpha Gam’s home “suite” home is located on campus in Building O of the University Suites. This is the eleventh year of UNCWs Greek Housing Project and it is an unforgettable experience for the 10 girls that live here each year. The suite is comprised of 10 single rooms, 2 large shared bathrooms, a kitchen/dining room and a common room. Here, we host movie nights, dinners, sisterhood events, and study sessions.

We hope to expand the amount of girls living here over the years in hopes that eventually each sorority has a house of their own. The 110 girls that have experienced living in the Alpha Gam suite over the past few years have loved every second of it. With its convenient location to the newly renovated UNCW Rec Center, academic buildings, and Wagoner Dining Hall, it is the perfect transition from freshmen dorms to a more comfortable and individualized housing experience with sisters. Sisters who live in the suite have some of the most precious memories and experiences that they carry with them long after college is over.




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